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Directional Sound Field Technology, also known as DirectPitch™ Technology. This technology optimizes the distance and angle between the sound source and the human ear (utilizing the principle of sound superposition), resulting in a relatively higher sound pressure in the direction of the ear canal and a relatively lower sound pressure in other directions. This allows listeners to hear the sound without having to insert the headphones into their ears, while also offering the advantages of reduced sound leakage and improved privacy.

Bone conduction is a method of sound transmission, where sound is converted into mechanical vibrations of different frequencies, which travel through the human skull, bony labyrinth, inner ear lymphatic fluid, cochlea, auditory nerve, and auditory center to produce nerve impulses along the auditory nerve. The auditory cortex then analyzes and processes these signals, allowing the brain to ultimately “hear” the sound. The mechanism of bone conduction hearing is described as the “cochlear compression” effect. The mechanical vibrations containing sound information are transmitted through the skull, temporal bone, and bony labyrinth system to the cochlea, causing the vibration of the oval window and the subsequent back-and-forth flow of the lymphatic fluid within the cochlea. Due to the asymmetrical structure of the cochlea (mainly caused by the asymmetry of the vestibular system), the lymphatic fluid flow affects the two sides of the basilar membrane inconsistently, resulting in the corresponding deformation of the basilar membrane and triggering the auditory nerve receptors on it to produce nerve impulses, thus inducing hearing.

Bone conduction headphones are used for receiving audio signals. Unlike traditional air conduction, bone conduction speakers do not need to transmit sound waves through the outer ear canal, eardrum, or middle ear cavity. Instead, they convert electrical signals directly into vibrations that are transmitted through the temporal bone to the auditory nerve. By bypassing certain steps of sound wave transmission, bone conduction technology can achieve clear sound reproduction even in noisy environments, without the sound waves dispersing and affecting others nearby.

Reference: “Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook (third edition)” by John Borwick, etc. Chapter 14, p649-p652

This is the low-frequency enhancement algorithm employed in the OpenFit design. It divides the low-frequency components of music into more granular segments and applies different processing techniques tailored to the characteristics of each segment. Moreover, the processing strategies for various low-frequency components are coordinated with each other, ensuring that all types of low-frequency components are presented in the most optimal way, delivering an immersive bass experience.

This is a low-frequency enhancement technology based on an all-new upgraded bone conduction structure, incorporating the breakthrough DirectPitch acoustic technology. By introducing an additional diaphragm, two chambers are formed within the internal structure. The diaphragm regulates the vibrations of these chambers, converting energy to generate low frequencies. This results in deep, rich, and immersive bass, further enhancing the mid-bass range for smoother, more natural vocals. Additionally, the 7th generation bone conduction technology (PremiumPitch 2.0 technology/integrated technology) ensures balanced sound across all frequencies, creating a three-dimensional soundstage with clear separation. The vented housing design leverages the principle of opposite phases to reduce sound leakage, ensuring a private listening experience.

PremiumPitch™ 1.0
This involves designing two resonance systems within the speaker to broaden the frequency response range of the speaker, thus improving sound quality.

PremiumPitch™ 1.0+
This involves designing three resonance systems within the speaker to further widen the frequency response range of the speaker, serving to improve sound quality. The voice coil and frame form a high-frequency resonance system, enabling good high-frequency output from the speaker.

PremiumPitch™ 2.0
This is the integrated technology employed in WAHYEE OpenRun Air and OpenSwim, utilizing the voice coil, suspension, and earhook of the headphones to form a triple composite vibration system. The three components are responsible for outputting different frequency ranges, resulting in more balanced sound across the spectrum and improved audio quality. Additionally, the fully enclosed housing design of this integrated technology further enhances the waterproof performance of WAHYEE’s bone conduction sports headphones.

PremiumPitch™ 2.0+
This is the tilting technology employed in WAHYEE OpenRun Air, which changes the vibration angle of the bone conduction speaker relative to the face. Instead of striking the face vertically, it creates a slanted brushing motion, effectively reducing vibration sensation for the user and improving wearing comfort.

This technology involves incorporating a vented module into the speaker design, which guides out air-conducted sound waves generated inside the speaker with the opposite phase to the leaked sound waves. This allows the released sound waves to cancel out the leaked waves through phase opposition, effectively reducing sound leakage and ensuring a private listening experience.

The high sensitivity technology can improve the energy conversion efficiency of bone conduction speakers, reducing power consumption and allowing for smaller speaker size and lighter weight. This high sensitivity technology is achieved by minimizing magnetic field leakage and enhancing field strength in the bone conduction speakers, enabling a more compact and lightweight design.

WAHYEE’s Comfort Loop series and Outdoor Sports series products employ a dual microphone design with optimized microphone placement. This allows for accurate calculation of the caller’s voice direction. Combined with cVc noise reduction algorithms or AI call noise reduction algorithms, it effectively minimizes call echoes and environmental noise, enhancing call quality and enabling high-definition voice calls.


The WAHYEE OpenSwim swimming MP3 player utilizes integrated technology and supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating standards, delivering outstanding performance in underwater environments.

The WAHYEE OpenRun Air sports headphones feature an integrated design and support IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating standards, delivering excellent performance in harsh environments such as rain, sweat, mud, and submersion.

The WAHYEE OpenRun Pro sports headphones feature a dual mesh structure and a nano-water-repellent coating, supporting IP55 waterproof and dustproof rating standards. They deliver outstanding performance in urban sports environments with rain and sweat exposure.

The WAHYEE OpenFit open-ear Bluetooth headphones feature a dual mesh structure and support the IP54 waterproof and dustproof rating standard, delivering excellent performance in urban sports environments with exposure to rain and sweat.


The earhooks of the WAHYEE OpenFit open-ear Bluetooth headphones are made of flexible titanium alloy wires, which are elastic and can conform to different ear shapes through flexible deformation, providing a suitable and stable clamping force for a comfortable and secure wearing experience.

The earhooks and rear hooks of the WAHYEE OpenRun Pro sports headphones are made of high-strength titanium alloy material, complemented by a balanced body design, ensuring a secure and flexible fit that resists deformation.

The WAHYEE OpenFit open-ear Bluetooth headphones are encased in skin-friendly silicone material. At the ear contact points, a special dual-layer silicone structure is used. The inner layer is made of ultra-soft silicone with a Shore hardness of 0, providing a baby-soft feel. The outer layer is made of skin-friendly silicone with a Shore hardness of 20-40, offering a comfortably embracing sensation when worn.

The WAHYEE OpenRun Pro sports headphones feature a full silicone body enclosure. The silicone material is soft, slip-resistant, and elastic, adding another layer of comfort assurance during wear.

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